Bicycle Touring in Illinois : Tuesday June 10


The Loop in downtown Chicago off of Wabash and Jackson.No real mileage put on the bike today.
Average Speed: ??? mph
Max Speed: ??? mph
Total Riding Time: ?:??:??
Trip Mileage: 1-2 mies at most
Total Mileage to Date: 981
Wake Up Time: 7:45am
Leave Time: 8:45am
Wrote 9:30am...
Woke up and had breakfast with Greg and Ellen outside on their deck. Said goodbye and followed their directions to Diversy Street to find a motel.
Found a Day's Inn on Diversy just off North Clark Street. The woman at the front desk was kind enough to give me the room at 9am without charging me an extra day. So I have till 12 noon tomorrow.
Everything including my bike is in the hotel room. I will get breakfast and check out the city. Later I'll try reaching Doug.
Wrote 5:50pm...
Had a nice little day sightseeing and walking around Chicago. Called home this morning and then I left to see the town. At around 11am I walked down Clark Street then LaSalle... and made my way to the Museum of Contemporary Art. At $6.50 it wasn't worth it. Few of the exhibits struck me, which I found odd as I normally enjoy modern art.
Continued walking to the "Loop" and stopped at a few places to eat. Even went into a Tower Records store and bought three CDs. One of them being a double CD of Django Rheinhardt after Ray at the hostel turned me on to his music. Called Doug, but he still has not arrived.
Chicago seems real nice. The people seem real friendly. At one point while looking for the museum I asked a nice looking woman for directions and we walked and talked for a few blocks. Chicago reminds me of Seattle sans the hills. I even ventured into the subway and took the Red Line back to the hotel. Got off at Fullerton and walked over to Diversy and Clark. Cool ride. I've already gotten a hold of my sense of direction in and about town.
Forgot to mention that when I left my room this morning I overheard the person at the front desk tell a couple that they would be charged an exra day if they took the room early-if one was even available. I've got the touch and the luck!!! Also went downstairs and booked the room for another night. I'm concerned that I may be stranded in Chicago if Doug doesn't show up, but then again I'm having so much fun that I don't care. I'll stick around another day or two. It's so funny that I'm enjoying Chicago so much seeing as I didn't even want to come here originally. I had a negative impression of Chicago and when my friend Doug first invited me to visit him for a few days I actually turned him down the first time. I can see myself living here.