Bicycle Touring in Indiana : Sunday June 8


Average Speed: 15.7 mph
Max Speed: 31.1 mph
Ahh, which way do I go, George? Which way do I go?!.Total Riding Time: 5:37:59
Trip Mileage: 88:76
Total Mileage to Date: 903
Wake Up Time: 6:15am
Leave Time: 8:00am
Wrote 4:34pm...
About an hour ago I stopped for a breather in front of a closed auto supply store on US Route 6 west. I was just about to look at a map when a pick-up truck pulls in. It was the owner, Cyrus, who just stopped by to get some tools from his shop. We spoke about the route and I asked if there were any places to stay in the area. He said not for quite some ways, but said I was welcome to camp out in the grassy fenced-in lot beside his store.
I accepted and he showed me the yard. It was just fine. There was a gas station with a little cafÈ across the street so it was very convenient.
I covered a lot of ground today because I had the wind coming from the east. Quite rare, but I certainly took advantage of it. I would have ridden a lot more, but for the last few days my crotch area has been hurting from all the pressure on the saddle. Really, I felt great. I would love to take advantage as much as possible of the east wind and the flat terrain. There's a distinct possibility that I will make it to Chicago by tomorrow. It appears to be about 70-80 miles away. I'll leave real early tomorrow.
Went across the street to the café and had a grilled chicken sandwich with onion rings. Went to use the restroom and was surprised to see that they still have the old fashioned rolling cloth style towel dispenser just like we had in grammar school. I then called the guys at work. It was very nice to hear their voices.
Wrote 6:19pm...
While listening to the radio, I heard a new term: "Michiana" to describe the listening area of southern Michigan and northern Indiana.