Bicycle Touring in New Jersey / Pennsylvania : Monday May 19

Crossing the bridge over the Delaware River into (Bucks Countty) Pennsylvania from Frenchtown, New Jersey. Set up a tent in a small campground just north of this bridge .It was my first time camping! Spent two days in this area.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Average Speed: 8.3 mph
Max Speed: 40.0 mph
Total Riding Time: 3:24:34
Trip Mileage: 31:52
Total Mileage to Date: 95
Wake Up Time: 7am
Leave Time: 9:30am
Wrote 2:30pm...
Checked out of my motel room at 9:30am and pedalled south on Route 202. At 10am I stopped and bought a roll with cheese, some sweets and juice. I also discovered that I had forgotten to reset the cyclometer before I left so I need to add 3 miles to today's mileage.
Lots of fast moving 18-wheelers on Route 202 so I took less travelled county roads, which were nicer and had small homes and farms along the sides. Eventually reached a tough hill and had to walk the bike. It just kept on going forever! I am certain that if I was on my road bike without this heavy load that I could have ridden to the top with no problems. I was also feeling lifeless in my legs.
Then the good part: a beautiful 40 mile per hour downhill descent into the town of Flemington, New Jersey where I stopped at the post office to buy stamps and later some juice. I continued bicycling against a heavy headwind on Route 12 west out into Frenchtown, which is right on the Delaware River. That's where I am writing this. I am sitting at the foot of the "Frenchtown/Uhlerston Bridge", which connects New Jersey to Pennsylvania----yeah!!!
Even though I am bushed, I feel good because I'm about to cross my first milestone: a new state!
Wrote 3:30pm...
I walked across the narrow bridge and saw a sign for a campground in a different direction than I had planned. I followed the sign going north on Route 32 and in about ten minutes I had registered for two nights at the Dogwood Haven Campground for $10.00 a night-a bargain.
I chose to layover for two nights because while climbing some grades earlier on Route 12 my left knee started to hurt real bad. I never had problems with my knees while bicycling or any other activity. This is the first time I'm using SPD clipless pedals exclusively and not the old fashioned toe clips so I wonder if this is the problem. I figure I can use the rest plus tomorrow I can take a short ride and photograph some of the covered bridges that Bucks County, Pennsylvania is known for.
I've never camped before, but it was fun setting up the tent. I feel like a pro! I'm going to take a shower and relax. I then have to do something about lightening the load on the bike yet again.
Wrote 5:45pm...
Just took a shower and feel refreshed. Have the radio set to 95.1 FM (WZZO) and they just said it was 82 degrees. I never used my Bellweather cycling jacket like I had to yesterday morning. The weather report also mentioned thunderstorms were likely tonight. Good thing I put the rain fly on the tent. Let's hope no water gets inside although I did waterproof all the seams back home.
Let me go outside and fire up the little gas stove and cook some Ramen noodle soup. I don't know what to make for breakfast because I threw away the box of Grape Nuts cereal at the motel the first night to save weight-it was heavy. Wow, I just heard a woodpecker! Nature complete with all the flies.
Wrote 7:40pm...
I'm in the tent now after my dinner. I didn't cook the Ramen noodles and instead made the powered refried beans. It was okay, but I put too much water. It's going to get dark soon so let me get ready to go to bed. Also, bringing the portable radio was a good idea. It's nice to have music at camp.