Bicycle Touring in Ohio : Tuesday June 3


Average Speed: 12.6 mph
Max Speed: 34.2 mph
Total Riding Time: 3:24:55
Trip Mileage: 43:24
Total Mileage to Date: 583
Wake Up Time: 7:30am
Leave Time: 10:30am
Wrote 6:06pm...
Am now in an Econo Lodge in Wooster, Ohio on US Route 30. Got a room at around 3:30pm because it was raining hard yet again.
When I had left Minerva there were a few drops from the previosu night's rainfall. All appeared fine as the roads were beginning to finally dry. No way, it started drizzling then it just poured. It never became heavy, but enough to make it a nuisance and after riding for a while I was thoroughly soaked.
Just went across the street to McDonalds to get some dinner, which consisted of a grilled chicken sandwich and a large vanilla shake. Today's ride was very productive because it was not hilly. Even with the rains and slick roads I covered a lot of ground. Would have traveled further and faster had it not rained. Overall it was a dull day.




Do you have any recommendations for foul weather bicycling gear ... or just stay out of the rain?



Recommendations for wet weather bicycling is a difficult question to answer since no matter what I used, I ended up getting soaked, dirty and uncomfortable. I had bought a cycling poncho and water resistant socks that sort of helped-at first, but it gets pretty humid and water always gets in there anyway.
I wouldn't always stop bicycling because of it, but one does have to factor the time required to dry everything once you finish the ride. My cycling clothes, tent and other things would take forever to dry.
Strange as it sounds, there were some moments were it felt great to ride in the rain, but safety and being seen are not to be dismissed so I had a flashing red light in the rear.


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