Bicycle Touring in Pennsylvania : Sunday May 25


Average Speed: 11.4 mph
Max Speed: 29.6 mph
Total Riding Time: 1:27:16
Trip Mileage: 16.66
Total Mileage to Date: 306
Wake Up Time: 6:30am
Leave Time: 9:45am
Wrote 7:00am...
Guess what? It's raining. There was also thunder and lightning in the wee hours. I don't know whether to sit it out or what. If the rain stops before noon I may take a shot at riding out. The only thing is that today's ride is through mountainous areas and there appears to be only one campground around in Fort Louden, Pennsylvania so I would need to reach it regardless.
Wrote 3:07pm...
Well, I'm not at camp. I'm in a sleazy motel room in Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania just a few miles west of Chambersburg, but about 15 miles east of Fort Louden.
For some unknown reason I didn't want to stay at camp and I packed my tent and gear even as it it poured. I called my Mom at around 8:30am, but she wasn't home so I left her a message telling her I was fine. 
Bicycled in the pouring rain wearing my bright yellow rain suit and water repellent socks-yeah right! Even before I started out some items in the panniers were wet from being left out overnight. I cycled down Route 30 heading west into Chambersburg with all the rain. I was drenched. I stopped and had breakfast at a McDonalds and then pedaled on. There were plenty of chain motels on this strip of US Route 30, but all had no vacancy signs up so I kept riding westward. Forgot that it was Memorial Day Weekend, hence all the no vacancy signs. I saw a sign for Fort Louden as being 15 miles. At around 11:30am I saw a little motel on my left (Carlton Motel) with hardly any cars in the lot. I pulled in soaking wet to the bone.
As I walked into the tiny foyer I could smell curry in the air and little kids playing and screaming in the back (I love Indian food!). I rang the bell and a middle-aged Indian man came and slid the window open. It appears as if this space is also their apartment. It cost me only $26.50 to stay till 11am tomorrow. 
I went into my dingy room and immediately put my tent and clothing out to dry. I've been standing around here naked drying items and watching the "Blues Brothers" and "Stripes" on TBS. Hopefully all this gear will be somewhat dry by tomorrow so I can get back on the road. Will definitely line the inside of the panniers with garbage bags to keep everything dry. Strangely enough I received a phone call from a women indirectly offering her services for the evening. While tempting I politely declined.